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A new vision and social concept for the responsible & effective protection and upbringing of children in a family environment.


An enriching and safe space for children and women in Afghanistan, Shamsa Children’s Village is a crucial refuge for orphaned or abandoned children, and vulnerable women. 


From its inception, the aim of Shamsa Children’s Village (SCV) has been to create a structured community of care to provide every woman and child with supportive, safe and stimulating environments. Trained by PARSA Afghanistan and the Healthy Afghan Child Program, all social workers and staff have significant expertise in supporting vulnerable children and women who have lost their families.


To positively shape environments for vulnerable children and women, creating caring familial environments which provide safe spaces and the necessities for long-term growth and community development. 

It is our firm belief that it takes a village to raise a child, and Shamsa Children’s Village is a direct representation of this. The feeling of home is at the essence of what makes SCV a space for all individuals to feel a part of a collective, supportive family. 

Once at Shamsa Children’s Village, every child is a part of a wider community which they will remain a part of for years to come. Working to create healthy foundations for every child to live healthy, happy lives, SCV serves as a crucial stepping stone for individuals to shape their futures within a truly encouraging environment. 


Get Involved -
Rebuild Our Communities!


The important work at Shamsa Children’s Village has been made possible through the generosity of our donors – both private individuals and organizations internationally who have recognized SCV’s long term vision.


There are many ways you can help out at Shamsa! We are always open to donations of all kinds, monetary and also toys and clothing items. There are different ways of supporting the children also, you can sponsor all the living expenses of a child through their time.

Future Objectives:

Amidst the current difficult political situation facing Afghanistan, the work of Shamsa Children’s Village is more crucial than ever.


We aim to further develop necessary facilities, including central heating and playground facilities. Both are critical to the function of the village, especially with play being a key aspect of childhood development.

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