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Shamsa Children's Village is here because of a special person who believed in us, and gave us the initial push to make a dream become reality. We are forever grateful to this person, and she has the blessings of a hundred children and many women. May they forever be blessed with the gift of giving.


I would like to thank a beautiful inside and out friend of ours from Oman, she has been a great supporter, not only in generosity but in moral support. She auctioned off some beautiful pieces of her private collection to build two buildings which now house four happy families.

I would also like to thank the kindest family friends of ours from Saudi. He has been a great support in my vision, and generous with his donation.

I would like to thank a dear Afghan family, very close to my father. His help and support is endless, just like his love for his country. He has been very generous and attentive in giving the children of his country a future.

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